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Professional Crane Services and Hoisting in Edmonton

At M-Four Crane Service, we understand that when it comes to your project, the stakes are high. All projects, whether they're industrial or residential, are an investment, and you want to do all you can to optimize their productivity. At our company, we assist our clients in adding value and functionality to their job sites with our mobile crane services and hoisting in Edmonton and throughout central Alberta. 


Cranes are a common feature on all types of job sites, and with good reason. These machines perform the essential task of lifting and moving heavy equipment and machinery. By doing so, they enable you to achieve the precise placement of weighty elements at various heights and distances. 

We have years of experience in assisting commercial, industrial and residential clients with mobile crane services and hoisting in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our extensive fleet contains state-of-the-art equipment that is an asset on any job site. Please contact us if you'd like to set up an appointment or have any queries for us.


The Importance of Cranes on Jobsites 

Heavy lifting: You can use cranes to lift all types of heavy equipment, machinery, and structures. Cranes can handle heavy weights, whether it's from steel beams or concrete blocks.

Height and reach: Cranes are the ideal choice when you're working with areas that are inaccessible because of their height. With them, you can access elevated locations and get the job done. 

Assembly: With cranes, you can erect, lift and place crucial elements such as trusses and columns. They offer immense precision, which allows you to position each element perfectly. 

Material handling: Cranes enable you to handle all types of materials on your job site. With their mobility, you can streamline your logistics and minimize labour requirements. 

Load placement: Cranes can move heavy items with incredible accuracy. This enables you to place loads exactly where they have to go. 

Would you like to learn more about the various uses of our cranes and hoisting services in Edmonton? Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you may have.

Cranes are viewed as the workhorses of the construction industry. They can lend their capabilities to countless tasks that can vary from intricate assembly to hoisting. You can use cranes to perform endless jobs, such as:

Our Mobile Crane Services

Whether you're in need of a few hours of service or a few weeks of support, M-Four Crane Service can help. We provide mobile crane and rigging services for commercial, industrial and residential businesses. We can help you with hoisting:

Agricultural fields

Oil and gas work

Construction sites

Roof trusses


Concrete formwork

Structural systems

And more

Roofing/building supplies

​Transport services (once your material is loaded, we can deliver it where it needs to go)

Our Equipment

Our equipment includes:

60-ton truck mount crane

Telescoping telehandlers

Specialty rigging /spreader bars


Construct With Confidence

You can rely on our hoisting services in Edmonton to achieve efficient results.

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