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Your Trusted Choice for Crane Services in Alberta

If you need mobile crane services, you’ve come to the right place! Based in the Edmonton area, we provide quality service to our customers throughout central Alberta. We deliver quality. M-Four Crane is locally owned, operated and committed to giving a safe and quality service.

We are a customer-oriented company that puts value on customer relations. We understand that loyal customers are the backbone of our company, and we strive to be an organization they can count on.


Agricultural fields

Oil and gas work

Construction sites

Roof trusses


Concrete formwork

Structural systems

Roofing/building supplies

Transport services (once your material is loaded, we can deliver to where it needs to go)

And more

60-ton truck mount crane

Telescoping telehandlers

Specialty rigging /spreader bars


Whether you're in need of a few hours of service or a few weeks of support, M-Four Crane Service can help. We provide mobile crane and rigging services for commercial, industrial and residential businesses. We can help you with hoisting:

Our Equipment

Our Mobile Crane Services

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